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  Protein skimmer takes advantage of the bubble surface tension and adsorption separation of the role of condensed organic principles, by way of flotation removal of colloidal suspension in sewage farming body, cellulose, albumin, bait and feces and other organic matter.
Zhongke Series protein skimmers use the most advanced electric jet structure to replace the traditional jet device structure, the use of specialized motor impeller broken bubbles, which greatly increased the level of the fine bubbles, which greatly improved the working protein skimmer efficiency. Quick removal of harmful organic particles in water, to prevent its decomposition in the water, quickly reduce BOD5, COD and DOC, the next process of biological treatment to reduce the load; add dissolved oxygen in water, removal of harmful gases; stable pH value; when injected traces of ozone, the contact chamber at the same time as a disinfection reactor. No need to set the inlet pressure pump and injector.